Târgul de Paște din Craiova este desemnat de EBD cel mai frumos târg din Europa.

„This year discover the fantastic world of Alice in Wonderland in the Best Easter Destination in Europe! Craiova in spring is literally blossoming. Considered once upon the time the capital of Southern Romanian Aristocracy, Craiova offers now the most beautiful landscapes with amazing flowers in its parks, gardens and public spaces. During Eastern and spring, many projects on urban regeneration are underway in the Botanical Garden, Nicolae Romanescu Park, as well as on the main boulevards in Craiova. 

In Romanescu Park, one of the largest parks of Europe, ranked among the most beautiful city parks in Europe, there are hundreds of thousands of beautiful and colourful tulips and different other flowers. Designed by the French architect Édouard Redont at the beginning of the 20th century, Romanescu Park was awarded with the gold medal at the Paris Universal Exhibition in 1900. It occupies an area of about 100 hectares and is located in the southern part of Craiova. Ample reliefs, alleyways, springs, water mirrors, waterfalls, a charming castle, a suspended bridge, the hippodrome, velodrom, pier and zoo are all enclosed in the frenzied abundance of vegetation. Inside the Zoo, a new attraction for children and tourists is coming up this year: Zoofetaria – a cake shop with pastries in form of animals, or frosted with images of animals.

From April to September, the Romanescu Park is the perfect host for concerts, theater plays and festivals at the Summer Theater – the largest open-air showroom in Craiova, with a unique architecture and perfect acoustic. 

Another reference place of Craiova, with all ingredients required for a relaxing day in nature is the Botanical Garden, which awaits its visitors in the spring with amazing floral paintings and interesting and mysterious wood sculptures, spread all over the place.

For those who love walking under the moon light, Craiova is waiting them with unique decorations in one of the most beautiful areas of the city, which has the greatest historical and religious importance – the park around the House of Bania and St. Dumitru Cathedral, where dozens of lanterns and strings of lights are magically lighting up on evenings. 

Travellers coming to Craiova can spend their time also at events as the Easter Fair, already a tradition in Craiova, organized every year in the central area, where they can find traditional seasonal products, handmade products from local and regional producers, workshops and pony rides for children, a carousel and a children’s train etc. „